I smartphone hmangin sum lalut rawh le

Sum i lalut duh tak tak a nih chuan chhiar zel rawh
I chhiar hman chuan i phone ah 2mb vel chiah download space a ngai dawn a, han check zuai la.
Rs 5/- wallet credit i zawm rualin i nei nghal thei a, mi i signup apiangin Rs 5/- i neih belh bawk ang.

A tihdan tlangpui
1. A app kha download la
2. A app i hawn rualin i email id leh password siam la, facebook account nei tan a luh nghal theih
3. I mobile number dah la, i sum hmuh lak chhuahna tur a ni tih hria in
4. OTP(One time Password) kha verify leh la
5. Categories lang ho kha i duh dan azirin thlang la, a vai thlan in a hlawk deuh
6. I email verify la, i verify rualin i wallet account ah Rs 5/- a lut ang.
7. I phone a in lock lai khan a screen kha han ti nung la, slide tur a lo awm leh ang a,
i slide apiangin Rs 0.01 an pe bawk ang che, i slide tam leh i la tam mai.
8. I sum hmuh reng reng top up nan te, paytm, mobiwik ah te a transfer theih bawk e.

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