Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran chuan kum 2017 chhung contract basis-a thawk turin Missionary a la dawn a,dil duh tan dil theih a ni.
Dil duh chuan a hnuaia tarlante hi hriat tur a ni.

I. Synod office,mission Veng Aizawl atangin dilna form Siam sa(standard application form) lak tur a ni a,hriat tur tulte chu dilna form ah tarlan a ni.

II. Dilna chu December 9,2016 (zirtawpni)tlai dar 3:00 thlengin synod mission board office ah thehluh tur a ni a,huntiam hnu lama dilna thehluh chu pawm a ni lovang.

III. December ni 10,2016 (inrinni) 11:00am ah P.C.Girls’ School,Mission vengah screening test neih tur a ni a. December ni 12,2016 (thawhtanni) tlai lamah interview a tlingte tarchhuah a ni ang a, December ni 15,2016, 9:30am ah synod office- ah personal interview neih tur a ni. Personal interview tura tlingte chuan synod Hospital atanga Medical Fitness Certificate an nei tur a ni ang.

IV. Screening test-a topic tur chu-

a)Bible Knowledge (Chanchin Tha bu 4 leh Tirhkohte thiltih)

b)Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran chanchin.

c)General knowledge.

V. Hlawh chu synod hnuaia contract basis-a thawkte rawihna rate angin pek a ni ang.

Sd/- Rev. Lalramliana Pachuau
Senior executive secretary
Synod office,Aizawl

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