18th February 2019ROYAL FOOD, GOA dawr nghak tur mamawhMizoram pawn
15th February 2019MISSIONARY HNA DIL THEIHMizoram pawn
8th February 2019Missionary HnaruakMizoram pawn
23rd January 2019HNARUAKMizoram pawn
19th January 2019SINGAPOREMizoram pawn
13th October 2018IMG World of Adventures, DubaiMizoram pawn
12th October 2018WANTEDMizoram pawn
10th October 2018IMG World of Adventures, DubaiMizoram pawn
8th October 2018WANTEDMizoram pawn
27th August 2018SINGAPORE HOUSE MAID JOBMizoram pawn
11th July 2018Missionary hnaruakMizoram pawn
2nd July 2018Wanted- Female Vocalist (English)Mizoram pawn
23rd May 2018Missionary hna ruakMizoram pawn
21st May 2018Missionary hna dil duh tanMizoram pawn
11th May 2018Puanthui tur duhMizoram pawn
8th May 2018Missionary hna ruakMizoram pawn
27th April 2018Singapore housemaid jobsMizoram pawn
25th April 2018PK SecurityMizoram pawn
9th April 2018Missionary hna dil theihMizoram pawn
5th April 2018HnaruakMizoram pawn
28th March 2018Puanthui thiam mamawhMizoram pawn
21st February 2018Office Assistant mamawhMizoram pawn
19th February 2018Missionary duhMizoram pawn
19th February 2018Job Guaranteed VacanciesMizoram pawn
12th February 2018Kolkata-ah eirawngbawl tur mamawhMizoram pawn
12th February 2018HnaruakMizoram pawn
5th February 2018Singapore & HongkongMizoram pawn
31st January 2018Missionary Teacher Hna ruakMizoram pawn
23rd January 2018Puanṭhui tur mamawhMizoram pawn
22nd January 2018Puanthui thiam mamawhMizoram pawn
17th January 2018Urgently RequiredMizoram pawn
15th January 2018HnaruakMizoram pawn
15th January 2018SingaporeMizoram pawn
12th January 2018Australian JobMizoram pawn
9th January 2018Singapore kal duh tanMizoram pawn
23rd December 2017JOB!! JOB!! JOB!!Mizoram pawn
21st December 2017JOB!! JOB!! JOB!!Mizoram pawn
21st December 2017Puanthui tur duhMizoram pawn
17th December 2017Masihi Sangati Kendra (SMB) hnuaia thawktu tur Evangelist hna engemawzat a ruak eMizoram pawn
7th November 2017Foreign Nursing JobMizoram pawn
27th October 2017Awmpui tur duhMizoram pawn
27th October 2017Awmpui mamawhMizoram pawn
20th October 2017Awmpui mamawhMizoram pawn
16th October 2017Urgently Job VacancyMizoram pawn
16th October 2017Job RecruitmentMizoram pawn
10th October 2017HnaruakMizoram pawn
10th October 2017Awmpui mamawhMizoram pawn
7th October 2017Singapore House maidMizoram pawn
6th October 2017Nursing job in SingaporeMizoram pawn
5th October 2017Missionary tur duhMizoram pawn
3rd October 2017SINGAPORE & MACAUMizoram pawn
2nd October 2017Missionary tur duhMizoram pawn
28th September 2017Singapore & MacauMizoram pawn
28th September 2017HnaruakMizoram pawn
23rd September 2017Australia JobMizoram pawn
7th September 2017Singapore housemaidMizoram pawn
2nd September 2017Singapore housemaidMizoram pawn
1st September 2017Jobs in MalaysiaMizoram pawn
1st September 2017TBZ MP field atan Missionary Teacher tur duhMizoram pawn
29th August 2017Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
23rd August 2017Missionary hna dil theihMizoram pawn
19th August 2017Singapore HousemaidMizoram pawn
16th August 2017Awmpui tur nula duhMizoram pawn
10th August 2017Bangalore a awmpui tur duhMizoram pawn
9th August 2017Assistant ManagerMizoram pawn
9th August 2017LIC – Sales executiveMizoram pawn
7th August 2017JOB SCOPELocal Jobs, Mizoram pawn
5th August 2017MISSIONARY HNA DIL THEIHMizoram pawn
3rd August 2017Australia Hna (JOB)Mizoram pawn
28th July 2017Job AvailableMizoram pawn
26th July 2017Job OpportunityMizoram pawn
20th July 2017Singapore SingaporeMizoram pawn
20th July 2017Job Scope Available in AustraliaMizoram pawn
20th July 2017SingaporeMizoram pawn
8th July 2017Awmpui tur mamawhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
28th June 2017Nau awmAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
24th June 2017Casino job Vacancy (GOA)Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
23rd June 2017Relux Hair And Beauty SpaMizoram pawn
21st June 2017SingaporeAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
19th June 2017Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
17th June 2017Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
15th June 2017Hna Hna HnaLocal Jobs, Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
13th June 2017HnaruakMizoram pawn
12th June 2017Hnathawk tur duhMizoram pawn
12th June 2017Wanted TeachersMizoram pawn, Teaching Job
9th June 2017Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
8th June 2017Foreign HnaruakManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
7th June 2017Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
5th June 2017Nau awm turAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
31st May 2017Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
30th May 2017SingaporeAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
29th May 2017SINGAPOREAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
26th May 2017Foreign-ah Housemaid, Domestic WorkerMizoram pawn
25th May 2017Singapore & MacauAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
23rd May 2017SINGAPORE CHRISTIAN NURSING HOME IS HIRING AGAIN!Medical / Health, Mizoram pawn
17th May 2017Singapore jobMizoram pawn
17th May 2017Awmpui tur mamawhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
10th May 2017Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
9th May 2017Beauty therapist mamawhMizoram pawn
5th May 2017SINGAPOREMizoram pawn
5th May 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE LINEManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
5th May 2017STATE BANK OF INDIA RECRUITMENT OF 554 POSTSAll India Govt Jobs, Bank Job, Examwise information, Mizoram pawn
4th May 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE LINE AH HNAManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
4th May 2017SINGAPOREAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
4th May 2017Awmpui mamawhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
4th May 2017DIRECT RECRUITMENT FOR SCIENTIST ‘B’ IN DRDO (Backlog vacancies for OBC/SC/ST)All India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
4th May 2017Domestic Cruise Line : HnaruakAdmission, Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
2nd May 2017National Health Systems Resource Centre recruitment for Consultant HMISAll India Govt Jobs, Medical / Health, Mizoram pawn
28th April 2017Singapore MaidMizoram pawn
27th April 2017SingaporeMizoram pawn
26th April 2017Singapore a Foreign Domestic Helper a kal duh tan registration a tih leh theih ta eMizoram pawn
26th April 2017VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
21st April 2017Ministry of Health & Family Welfare RecruitmentMedical / Health, Mizoram pawn
20th April 2017Home Nurse leh House Maid a thawk turin Singapore ah kan thawn chhuak mek zel eMizoram pawn
20th April 2017SingaporeMizoram pawn
18th April 2017National Seeds Corporation Ltd direct recruitment basis at Corporate Office and Regional OfficesAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
18th April 2017Singapore housemaidMizoram pawn
17th April 2017Combined Recruitment of Junior Hindi Translator, Junior Translator, Senior Hindi Translator and Hindi Pradhyapak Examination, 2017All India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
15th April 2017BSF ah Junior Engineer leh Sub Inspector post a awm e. Hrechiang duh tanMizoram pawn, Police / Defence Job
14th April 2017ONGC recruitment of Graduate TraineesAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
10th April 2017Foreign JobMizoram pawn
9th April 2017Best Carrier Opportunity For Girls and Boys in National Company RollMizoram pawn
7th April 2017Aizawl ah INDIAN NAVY Recruitment a awm dawnMizoram pawn, Police / Defence Job
6th April 2017Nurse InterviewMedical / Health, Mizoram pawn
5th April 2017Jet Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment – Aizawl ah a awm dawnHnathawh Tur, Mizoram pawn
5th April 2017Study In JapanAdmission, Mizoram pawn
3rd April 2017ADVERTISEMENTLocal Jobs, Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
30th March 2017NEHU recruitment for JRF Microbiology in ShillongMizoram pawn, Teaching Job
28th March 2017VacancyMizoram pawn
27th March 2017SingaporeMizoram pawn
22nd March 2017SAUDI ARABIA HOSPITAL/CLINIC a thawk tur nurse experienced 7 nos mamawh a niMedical / Health, Mizoram pawn
22nd March 2017TELE SALES HyderabadMizoram pawn
22nd March 2017Bengaluru Technical Recruiters for international processMizoram pawn
22nd March 2017Vacancy for Maldives ResortMizoram pawn
22nd March 2017NEHU CORRIGENDUM for recruitment of Guest Faculty in the Department of Energy EngineeringMizoram pawn
22nd March 2017Recruitment for posts of Data Entry Operator (B Grade) ICMR projectAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
18th March 2017Missionary HnaruakMizoram pawn
17th March 2017Mipa leh Hmeichhia tan 39 Post ruakMizoram pawn
14th March 2017SingaporeMizoram pawn
13th March 2017H.L. Institute of Hospitality ManagementManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
11th March 2017LEADING NBFC COMPANYMizoram pawn
11th March 2017SINGAPORE MAIDMizoram pawn
11th March 2017Required Freshers/Female Models For Upcoming Rampshow in DelhiMizoram pawn
10th March 2017Hotel Manager HnaruakManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
10th March 2017Hnathawk tur duhLocal Jobs, Mizoram pawn
10th March 2017Airtel HnaruakHnathawh Tur, Mizoram pawn
6th March 2017Public Service Commission RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
6th March 2017Singapore, SingaporeMizoram pawn
6th March 2017Delhi ah awmpui duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
3rd March 2017Delhi Tata Sky thawk duh tanMizoram pawn
3rd March 2017Rawngbawlna InhawngMizoram pawn
3rd March 2017HnaruakMizoram pawn
3rd March 2017The New India Assurance Company Limited RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Local Jobs, Mizoram pawn
2nd March 2017Spa therapist mamawh aniManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
2nd March 2017FREE PLACEMENTMizoram pawn
1st March 2017Bank of India recruitment for Faculty, Office Assistant and Attendant Officer PostsBank Job, Mizoram pawn
1st March 2017IIT Guwahati Walk in interview for JRF (GATE)Mizoram pawn
1st March 2017Singapore maidHnathawh Tur, Mizoram pawn
1st March 2017Nula fel duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
28th February 2017Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
28th February 2017Hnaruak Central HnaruakMizoram pawn
28th February 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE LINE AH HNARUAK A AWM EManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
27th February 2017Tezpur University recruitment for JRF Bioinformatics in GuwahatiMizoram pawn, Teaching Job
27th February 2017Missionary HnaruakMizoram pawn
27th February 2017Hnaruak : DelhiMizoram pawn
26th February 2017TEACHER TUR DUHMizoram pawn, Teaching Job
26th February 2017Union Bank of India Recruitment for Company Secretary PostBank Job, Mizoram pawn
25th February 2017Customer Care ExecutiveMizoram pawn
24th February 2017JOB VACANCY IN AIRLINESMizoram pawn
23rd February 2017Hnaruak Mipa mamawhMizoram pawn
20th February 2017Air India Recruitment of Cockpit Crew – Co-PilotAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
20th February 2017ANTALYA – TURKEY 5 STAR-AH HNAManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
20th February 2017Recruitment of Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’ across IndiaAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
19th February 2017Air hostess/Cabin Crew/Ground staffMizoram pawn
16th February 2017FOREIGN A HNATHAWH DUH TAN!Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
16th February 2017Vijaya Bank RecruitmentBank Job, Mizoram pawn
16th February 2017Missionary HnaruakMizoram pawn
15th February 2017FEMALE CANDIDATES URGENTLY REQUIREDManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
13th February 2017Hairstylist/Beautician, Male & Female Therapist mamawh a ni eMizoram pawn
13th February 2017Hotel managementManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
12th February 2017Dubai ah Spa Therapist mamawhMizoram pawn
11th February 2017Orientation and Guaranteed placementMizoram pawn
11th February 2017UPSC Recruitment for Indian Economic Service Examination OfficerAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
9th February 2017STAR HOTEL A THAWK DUH TANMizoram pawn
9th February 2017Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
7th February 2017Spa therapist fresher leh experienced a rang lamin mamawh a ni eMizoram pawn
7th February 2017Bharat Electronics Limited Recruitment for Research Staff Officer PostMizoram pawn
7th February 2017Singapore & MacauMizoram pawn
6th February 2017HOTEL MANAGEMENT 100% JOB PLACEMENTLocal Jobs, Mizoram pawn
5th February 2017THIAMNA NEIA PHAIAH HNATHAWH I DUH MAW? 100% JobMizoram pawn
4th February 2017THALAI TE TAN HNAManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn
2nd February 2017IIT Guwahati RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
2nd February 2017Airlines JobsMizoram pawn
2nd February 2017CRPF Recruitment for Medical Officer postMedical / Health, Mizoram pawn, Police / Defence Job
2nd February 2017Wanted Ex-ServicemanMizoram pawn
2nd February 2017USA a Mizo Family Ten Hire-In Nanny an MamawhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
1st February 2017Air India Express RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
1st February 2017Puanthui tur duhMizoram pawn
31st January 2017CABIN CREW ( 100% Job Assistant)Mizoram pawn
30th January 2017HURRY HURRY POST VACANTMizoram pawn
28th January 2017JOB IN SPA THERAPIST & HOTEL MANAGEMENTMizoram pawn
28th January 2017SingaporeMizoram pawn
28th January 2017Singapore kal duh tanMizoram pawn
27th January 2017Puanthui thiam mamawhMizoram pawn
26th January 2017Power Grid Corporation of India Limited RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
26th January 20172 months course Hotel ManagementLocal Jobs, Mizoram pawn
24th January 2017Hna Dil TheihLocal Jobs, Mizoram pawn
23rd January 2017100% A HNA HMUHNALocal Jobs, Mizoram pawn
23rd January 2017Missionary hna ruakMizoram pawn
21st January 2017NEIGHRIHMS Post VacancyMedical / Health, Mizoram pawn
20th January 2017Beauty therapistMizoram pawn
20th January 2017State Bank of IndiaBank Job, Mizoram pawn
19th January 2017Police Recruitment for 113 Constable Officer PostMizoram pawn, Police / Defence Job
19th January 2017Reserve Bank of India (RBI)Bank Job, Mizoram pawn
19th January 2017Hyundai Polytech India hnaruakMizoram pawn
17th January 2017Hnaruak a awm eMizoram pawn
17th January 2017Centre for Railway Information Systems RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
16th January 2017Puanthui thiamMizoram pawn
16th January 2017HnaruakMizoram pawn
14th January 2017Public Service Commission RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
14th January 2017National Health Mission recruitmentMedical / Health, Mizoram pawn
13th January 2017Hnaruak hriattirnaMizoram pawn
13th January 2017Air hostess/Cabin crew/ Flight asst/ Ground staffMizoram pawn
12th January 2017Air India Limited Recruitment for Co-Pilot Officer PostAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
12th January 2017SingaporeMizoram pawn
12th January 2017Missionary HnaruakMizoram pawn
12th January 2017SingaporeMizoram pawn
11th January 2017Bharat Electronics Limited RecruitmentMizoram pawn
11th January 2017Assam Rifles Recruitment for 91 PostsMizoram pawn, Police / Defence Job
10th January 2017Job vacancyMizoram pawn
10th January 2017SingaporeMizoram pawn
9th January 2017Requirement of MTS on contractual basisAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
9th January 2017National Health Mission Recruitment For Staff Nurse PostMedical / Health, Mizoram pawn
8th January 2017AM Hotel Management 3 Month CourseMizoram pawn
7th January 2017Public Service Commission Recruitment for Revenue Service (Jr. Grade) PostAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
7th January 2017Puanthui thiam duhMizoram pawn
7th January 2017Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
6th January 2017Hmeichhia tan hnaruak a awm eMizoram pawn
6th January 2017DMRC RecruitmentMizoram pawn
6th January 2017Singapore & MacauMizoram pawn
6th January 2017way to singaporeMizoram pawn
5th January 2017Star hotel a thawh mai tur hnaruak a awm eMizoram pawn
5th January 2017Hyundai polytech hnaruakMizoram pawn
5th January 2017High Court Recruitment for various postsAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
4th January 2017Central Railway Recruitment for Guide Officer PostAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
4th January 2017Fast Food RestaurantMizoram pawn
3rd January 2017Public Service Commission Recruitment for 30 PostsAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
2nd January 2017Therapist 3 mamawhMizoram pawn
31st December 2016Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Recruitment for 8 PostsAll India Govt Jobs, Medical / Health, Mizoram pawn
31st December 2016Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Recruitment for Account Assistant Officers PostAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
31st December 2016Central Drugs Standard Control Organization RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
30th December 2016High Court Recruitment for Stenographer PostAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
30th December 2016United India Insurance Corporation RecruitmentAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
28th December 2016Air India Limited Recruitment for Deputy Terminal Manager & Deputy Administrative ManagerAll India Govt Jobs, Local Jobs, Mizoram pawn
28th December 2016Sales Co-ordinatorMizoram pawn
27th December 2016Recruitment of Civilian Personnel in Indian NavyMizoram pawn, Police / Defence Job
27th December 2016Recruitment for Process Server Officer PostsAll India Govt Jobs, Mizoram pawn
27th December 2016NIRD Recruitment 2017Mizoram pawn
25th December 2016NABARD recruitmentMizoram pawn
23rd December 2016High Court Recruitment for 100+ Personal Assistant PostsMizoram pawn
22nd December 2016Zaithiam mamawhHnathawh Tur, Mizoram pawn
22nd December 2016SingaporeMizoram pawn
21st December 2016Beautician mamawhMizoram pawn
17th December 2016Health Recruitment Board General Duty Medical Officer RecruitmentMedical / Health, Mizoram pawn
16th December 2016National Health Mission RecruitmentMedical / Health, Mizoram pawn
10th December 2016Hna thawk turMizoram pawn
9th December 2016Air India Limited RecruitmentMizoram pawn
8th December 2016Bank of Baroda RecruitmentBank Job, Mizoram pawn
7th December 2016Star Resources Job VacantMizoram pawn
5th December 2016Nurses Recruitment to SingaporeMizoram pawn
1st December 2016CHRISTMAS OFFERMizoram pawn
28th November 2016IGNOU hnaruak MA and PhD in Political ScienceMizoram pawn, Teaching Job
28th November 2016Ayurvedic institute hnaruakMizoram pawn
21st November 2016Chennai hnaruakMizoram pawn
17th November 2016Awmpui tur duhAwmpui Mamawh, Mizoram pawn
17th November 2016Kolkata Mizo guest house hnaruakMizoram pawn
17th November 2016Cook mamawhMizoram pawn
16th November 2016Puanthui leh cutter duhMizoram pawn
15th November 2016We are hiringMizoram pawn
15th November 2016Hotel managementMizoram pawn, Teaching Job
12th November 2016Company hnaruakMizoram pawn
12th November 2016Need PharmacistMizoram pawn
11th November 2016Guest house ah hnaruak a awm eMizoram pawn
9th November 2016Urgently required – Graphic designer or DTP OperatorMizoram pawn
9th November 2016Hotel management 2 months courseMizoram pawn
8th November 2016MissionaryMizoram pawn
8th November 2016JK consultancy hnaruakMizoram pawn
7th November 2016Photographers and videographersMizoram pawn
5th November 2016Opportunity for freshers who want to build their career as EditorMizoram pawn
5th November 2016Spa a thawk duh tanMizoram pawn
5th November 2016Opportunity as Copy Editor ProgrammingMizoram pawn
4th November 2016Singapore kal duh tanMizoram pawn
2nd November 2016Cruise Line Job & TrainingMizoram pawn
1st November 2016Air India Express Recruitment for 240 PostsMizoram pawn
31st October 2016Mipa hair dresser mamawhMizoram pawn
31st October 2016Graphics Designer NeededMizoram pawn
31st October 2016Job Vacancies at AppleMizoram pawn
29th October 2016Amazon hiring freshers as Device AssociateMizoram pawn
29th October 2016Job Vacancies at Air CanadaMizoram pawn
29th October 2016Require Social Media Content writer and consultant for a Market Research start upMizoram pawn
29th October 2016Graphic Designer wanted in DelhiMizoram pawn
29th October 2016Phai a hna thawk turMizoram pawn
29th October 2016Urgent Job @ International Call CenterMizoram pawn
26th October 2016Singapore SingaporeMizoram pawn
26th October 2016105 hnaruakMizoram pawn
26th October 2016Singapore & MacauMizoram pawn
24th October 2016Kolkata-ah hnathawh tur a awm eDawr Hna, Mizoram pawn
23rd October 2016Missionary tura kohnaHnathawh Tur, Mizoram pawn
22nd October 2016Opportunity to Join Airlines. Last date 26.10.2016Mizoram pawn
19th October 2016Air India Limited (AIL) in Trainee Cabin Crews 300 la dawn. Last date 08.11.2016Mizoram pawn
15th October 2016Hnaruak @ Beauty & SpaLocal Jobs, Mizoram pawn
15th October 2016Singapore agent rintlakLocal Jobs, Mizoram pawn
14th October 2016Airport Manager tur 23 Air India in la dawn. Last date 24.10.2016Mizoram pawn
14th October 2016Singapore & MacauMizoram pawn
10th October 2016Urgent HiringLocal Jobs, Mizoram pawn
9th October 2016Cook/Chef Delhi ah duh aniMizoram pawn
9th October 2016Govt Of Manipur, Account Recruitment. Last date 20.10.2016Mizoram pawn
8th October 2016Call Centre 100% Job PlacementMizoram pawn
8th October 2016Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Recruitment. Last date 28.10.2016Mizoram pawn
6th October 2016SINGAPOREMizoram pawn
2nd October 2016Northeast Frontier Railway RecruitmentMizoram pawn
2nd October 2016NALCO Recruitment. Last date 29.10.2016Mizoram pawn
10th September 2016Singapore SingaporeMizoram pawn
6th September 2016Singapore HnaruakMizoram pawn