17th August 2017Home(Prison) Department hnuaiah Assistant Jailor post ruak a awm eState/ Private Job2017-08-17 15:55:39
17th August 2017Mizoram ah ngei hnaManagement/ Coaching2017-08-17 09:17:42
17th August 2017Thalaite tan hnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-08-17 08:44:22
17th August 2017Free Skill TrainingManagement/ Coaching2017-08-17 08:41:19
15th August 2017Job Scope in DubaiManagement/ Coaching2017-08-15 09:22:54
15th August 2017Beautycian Free TrainingManagement/ Coaching2017-08-15 09:16:35
15th August 2017Beautician Trainer wantedManagement/ Coaching2017-08-15 08:53:04
14th August 2017Excise & Narcotics Department hnuaiah UDC post ruak a awm eState/ Private Job2017-08-14 15:32:58
14th August 2017Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (SSW) hnuaiah Stenographer Grade-III Post ruak a awm eState/ Private Job2017-08-14 13:45:57
14th August 2017Recruitment for temporary position of Field SurveyorState/ Private Job2017-08-14 11:05:58
10th August 2017Skill training dil theihManagement/ Coaching2017-08-10 10:44:06
10th August 2017Mizoram ah HnaManagement/ Coaching2017-08-10 08:49:21
10th August 2017Thalai tan HnaManagement/ Coaching2017-08-10 08:30:11
9th August 2017Domestic Cruise HnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-08-09 10:56:57
8th August 2017Mizoram Sawrkar, Fisheries Department hnuaiah Fishery Extension Officer post ruak a awm eState/ Private Job2017-08-08 17:34:29
7th August 2017Department of Personnel &Administrative Reforms (SSW) hnuaiah Assistant Grade Post ruak a awm eState/ Private Job2017-08-07 15:52:00
7th August 2017Inspector of Taxes post Mizoram Sawrkar, Taxation Department hnuaiah a ruak eState/ Private Job2017-08-07 15:39:50
7th August 2017Spa therapist fresher(female) tan batch thar kan tan leh ta eManagement/ Coaching2017-08-07 11:05:59
7th August 2017Free skill Training & Job Placement SJ & DI (NSDC Training Provider)Management/ Coaching2017-08-07 10:36:37
5th August 2017Nurse hnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-08-05 11:00:47
3rd August 2017Job availableManagement/ Coaching2017-08-03 09:12:08
1st August 2017Forest Ranger post under Environment, Forests & Climate Change DepartmentState/ Private Job2017-08-01 23:36:27
1st August 2017Assistant Conservator of Forests Post under Environment, Forest & Climate Change DeptState/ Private Job2017-08-01 23:33:19
1st August 2017Assistant Tourist Officer(ATO) post under Tourism DepartmentState/ Private Job2017-08-01 23:27:31
1st August 2017MPSC hnuaiah Upper Division Clerk (UDC) la dawnState/ Private Job2017-08-01 19:54:27
31st July 2017Mizoram ah hnaManagement/ Coaching2017-07-31 09:49:56
31st July 2017Thiamna neia hnathawh i duh em? 100% JobManagement/ Coaching2017-07-31 09:35:10
31st July 2017Urgently requiredManagement/ Coaching2017-07-31 09:29:28
27th July 2017Land Revenue and Settlement DepartmentState/ Private Job2017-07-27 09:15:43
26th July 2017Hotel managementManagement/ Coaching2017-07-26 08:29:52
25th July 2017Mizoram thawk duh tanManagement/ Coaching2017-07-25 08:54:55
25th July 2017Star Hotels And Domestic Cruise LineManagement/ Coaching2017-07-25 08:48:46
25th July 2017HnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-07-25 08:09:36
24th July 2017Post of CSSD Technician at Health & Family Welfare Department, MizoramMedical / Health, State/ Private Job2017-07-24 10:10:46
22nd July 2017HnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-07-22 08:51:01
21st July 2017Advertisement for the post of Financial Expert, Rural Development DepartmentState/ Private Job2017-07-21 10:54:00
20th July 2017Training AdvertisementManagement/ Coaching2017-07-20 13:56:57
19th July 2017Health Worker Training duh tan a dil theih ta eAdmission2017-07-19 12:25:59
19th July 2017HNA HMUH NGEI NGEINAManagement/ Coaching2017-07-19 09:13:29
19th July 2017Hotel Management (Food and Beverage Service)Management/ Coaching2017-07-19 09:09:10
19th July 2017HNA HMUH NGEI NGEINAManagement/ Coaching2017-07-19 09:03:37
18th July 2017Spa therapist leh beauty fresher(female) tan batch thar kan hawng leh ta eManagement/ Coaching2017-07-18 14:18:59
18th July 2017Government of Mizoram recruitment of Forest Guard and LDCState/ Private Job2017-07-18 13:50:59
17th July 2017MPSC hnuaiah Horticulture Extension Officer post ruak a awm eState/ Private Job2017-07-17 15:53:11
17th July 2017MPSC in Upper Division Clerk (UDC) Contract basis in a la dawnState/ Private Job2017-07-17 15:42:25
17th July 2017Hna mamawh tanManagement/ Coaching2017-07-17 09:18:59
17th July 2017Mizoram thawk duh tanManagement/ Coaching2017-07-17 08:18:40
13th July 2017Training AdvertisementManagement/ Coaching2017-07-13 10:53:41
12th July 2017Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering – Walk-in interview for the post of Guest FacultyState/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-07-12 11:31:28
12th July 2017Dept. of Public Administration – Walk in interview for the post of Guest facultyState/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-07-12 11:13:15
12th July 2017HnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-07-12 08:36:40
11th July 2017Thalai tan HnaManagement/ Coaching2017-07-11 08:26:26
6th July 2017Hotel managementAdmission, Management/ Coaching2017-07-06 09:20:45
5th July 2017Dept. of Social Work – Walk in interview for the post of Guest FacultyState/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-07-05 19:41:00
5th July 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE HNA RUAKManagement/ Coaching2017-07-05 09:47:11
5th July 2017Mizoram ah Ngei HnaManagement/ Coaching2017-07-05 09:37:09
5th July 2017HNARUAKManagement/ Coaching2017-07-05 09:32:03
5th July 2017Hna Hmuh Ngei Ngeina Hotel ManagementManagement/ Coaching2017-07-05 09:12:04
4th July 2017Hna mamawh tanManagement/ Coaching2017-07-04 08:30:33
3rd July 2017Assistant Professor Post under Mizoram Public Service CommissionState/ Private Job2017-07-03 20:20:07
30th June 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE HNA RUAKManagement/ Coaching2017-06-30 09:22:31
28th June 2017Mizoram ah ngei hnaManagement/ Coaching2017-06-28 09:30:03
24th June 2017Casino job Vacancy (GOA)Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-06-24 09:17:16
22nd June 2017Member State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission hna part time a thawk tur pahnih a ruak eState/ Private Job2017-06-22 08:54:25
22nd June 2017District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum ah Male Member post a ruak eState/ Private Job2017-06-22 08:50:16
21st June 2017Mizoram University – Walk in Interview for the post of Guest FacultyState/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-06-21 13:39:30
21st June 2017The Mizoram State Rural Livelihoods MissionState/ Private Job2017-06-21 10:45:52
21st June 2017Hotel managementManagement/ Coaching2017-06-21 09:21:16
20th June 2017HnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-06-20 10:18:09
20th June 2017HnaruakState/ Private Job2017-06-20 09:33:24
17th June 2017Hotel management CourseManagement/ Coaching2017-06-17 09:00:08
16th June 2017Domestic Cruise LineManagement/ Coaching2017-06-16 08:35:58
15th June 2017Mizoram University Admission Notification for M.Tech and Ph. D programmesAdmission2017-06-15 22:33:19
15th June 2017Hna Hna HnaLocal Jobs, Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-06-15 09:10:04
10th June 2017Hotel managementManagement/ Coaching2017-06-10 09:29:35
9th June 2017HnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-06-09 11:50:46
8th June 2017Foreign HnaruakManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-06-08 09:01:15
7th June 2017Casino job VacancyManagement/ Coaching2017-06-07 09:32:10
6th June 2017Domestic Cruise LineManagement/ Coaching2017-06-06 10:08:42
6th June 2017Mizoram ah hnaManagement/ Coaching2017-06-06 10:04:00
5th June 2017Mizoram University Laboratory Attendant/ Bus ConductorState/ Private Job2017-06-05 17:57:25
5th June 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE HNARUAKManagement/ Coaching2017-06-05 08:13:20
3rd June 2017UD & PA Department hnuaiah PMAY-HFA Surveyor turin HSSLC passed, smart phone nei mamawh a ni eLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-06-03 13:06:32
3rd June 2017Casino dealerManagement/ Coaching2017-06-03 10:56:03
2nd June 2017Hotel Management CourseManagement/ Coaching2017-06-02 09:14:19
31st May 2017JOB VACANTManagement/ Coaching2017-05-31 09:07:07
30th May 2017H.L. Institute of Hospitality ManagementManagement/ Coaching2017-05-30 11:23:38
30th May 2017Mizoram ah hnaManagement/ Coaching2017-05-30 10:16:19
30th May 2017CASINOManagement/ Coaching2017-05-30 09:39:28
30th May 2017Domestic cruise lineManagement/ Coaching2017-05-30 09:23:54
27th May 2017Advertisement for short course of hotel managementManagement/ Coaching2017-05-27 09:54:50
26th May 2017Domestic Cruise Line HnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-05-26 17:48:11
25th May 2017Hotel Management CourseManagement/ Coaching2017-05-25 09:04:19
24th May 2017Admission Open 2017 Dr.Deb Consultancy (Dr.Deb Educational Society)Admission2017-05-24 11:08:18
24th May 2017HnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-05-24 09:48:36
24th May 2017Post of State Coordinator, Mizoram, North East Livelihood Project (NERLP)State/ Private Job2017-05-24 09:20:42
24th May 2017NIELIT Walk-in InterviewState/ Private Job2017-05-24 08:48:29
22nd May 2017ICAR, Mizoram Centre, Kolasib. Post of 2 Young Professionals-II on contractual basisState/ Private Job2017-05-22 11:22:50
22nd May 2017Government of Mizoram, Directorate of Tourism Junior Engineer PostState/ Private Job2017-05-22 10:45:37
19th May 2017Mizoram Sawrkar, School Education Department (SCERT) hnuaiah post ruak a awm eState/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-05-19 13:12:23
16th May 2017Mizoram ah ngei 100% in hna hmu rawh leManagement/ Coaching2017-05-16 11:48:45
16th May 2017Domestic cruise liner ah i thawk duh em?Management/ Coaching2017-05-16 11:44:58
15th May 2017Admission NoticeAdmission2017-05-15 09:40:21
15th May 2017Admission NoticeAdmission2017-05-15 09:21:37
12th May 2017Job vacancyState/ Private Job2017-05-12 22:31:50
10th May 2017NIT, Mizoram advertisement for the Post of JRFState/ Private Job2017-05-10 17:54:54
10th May 2017RC Banking & Cooking InstituteAdmission2017-05-10 09:58:41
9th May 2017Schedule of Competitive Written Exam for Stenographer, Kitchen Attendant, Research-cum-Statistical Officer and AssistantExamwise information, Local Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-05-09 11:29:11
8th May 2017Social Welfare Dept(Govt. of Mizoram) recruitment on contract basisLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-05-08 12:56:57
8th May 2017ST.Joseph Higher Secondary School admissionAdmission2017-05-08 09:56:04
8th May 2017K.V.Multipurpose School admissionAdmission2017-05-08 09:48:45
6th May 2017Domestic Cruise hnaruakManagement/ Coaching2017-05-06 09:20:58
5th May 2017S.A.D. ah IV Grade 20 lak a ni dawnLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-05-05 12:42:12
5th May 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE LINEManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-05-05 11:30:54
5th May 2017HNA HMUH NGEI NGEI NAAdmission, Management/ Coaching2017-05-05 11:14:21
4th May 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE LINE AH HNAManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-05-04 12:00:23
4th May 2017Hotel Management CourseManagement/ Coaching2017-05-04 09:56:11
4th May 2017Domestic Cruise Line : HnaruakAdmission, Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-05-04 01:09:11
2nd May 2017Mizoram Public Service Commission chuan Primary School Teacher Post 5 a la dawnLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-05-02 14:34:17
2nd May 2017Mizoram Sawrkar, Health & Family Welfare Department hnuaiah Grade III of MHS post ruak a awm eLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-05-02 11:40:08
2nd May 2017Mizoram Sawrkar, Health & Family Welfare Department hnuaiah post ruak a awm eLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-05-02 11:22:02
2nd May 2017SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING UNDER B.A.H. INSTITUTEManagement/ Coaching2017-05-02 10:50:15
2nd May 2017Indus Cruising and shipping InstituteManagement/ Coaching2017-05-02 10:23:29
28th April 2017Mizoram Public Service Commission recruitment for MCS and MIS PostsExamwise information, State/ Private Job2017-04-28 16:59:51
28th April 2017LAB TEC/RADIOLOGY TECHAdmission2017-04-28 11:44:52
28th April 2017Hotel management CourseManagement/ Coaching2017-04-28 11:40:39
25th April 2017Hna Hmuh Ngei NgeinaManagement/ Coaching2017-04-25 09:37:53
24th April 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE LINE AH HNA A AWM LEH TA!!!Management/ Coaching2017-04-24 23:50:56
24th April 2017Spa therapist fresher mipa leh hmeichhia a rang lamin mamawh a ni eManagement/ Coaching2017-04-24 13:07:37
20th April 2017Hawkins Demonstrators recruitment Across IndiaState/ Private Job2017-04-20 12:31:48
18th April 2017Domestic Cruise LineManagement/ Coaching2017-04-18 09:40:12
17th April 2017Walk-in-Interview for Project AssistantLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-04-17 11:45:41
17th April 2017Mizoram Legislative Secretariat recruitment for Assistant, translator and LDC PostLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-04-17 10:46:39
17th April 2017ICFAI University recruitment for teaching and non-teaching PostLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-04-17 10:30:53
13th April 2017100% job placement in Beauty & SPAManagement/ Coaching2017-04-13 10:03:16
12th April 2017Vacancy AnnouncementLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-04-12 11:47:13
12th April 2017AdvertisementLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-04-12 11:19:48
12th April 2017Hotel ManagementManagement/ Coaching2017-04-12 09:20:23
7th April 2017SAINIK SCHOOL, CHHINGCHHIPLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-04-07 12:49:34
5th April 2017Study In JapanAdmission, Mizoram pawn2017-04-05 11:20:59
3rd April 2017NOTICELocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-04-03 23:12:25
3rd April 2017ADVERTISEMENTLocal Jobs, Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-04-03 22:56:09
3rd April 2017H.L INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENTManagement/ Coaching2017-04-03 22:44:06
3rd April 2017Hotel ManagementManagement/ Coaching2017-04-03 22:20:04
29th March 2017MzSRLM AdvertisementLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-03-29 11:06:13
27th March 2017H.L.Institute of Hospitality ManagementLocal Jobs, Management/ Coaching2017-03-27 10:51:39
25th March 2017Hnaruak thalaite tanManagement/ Coaching2017-03-25 10:27:45
24th March 20172 Months Course Hotel ManagementManagement/ Coaching2017-03-24 10:37:06
23rd March 2017Teacher wantedAdmission, Local Jobs, Teaching Job2017-03-23 11:01:52
22nd March 2017Mizoram University Walk – In Interview in the Dept. of ZoologyLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-03-22 12:52:48
18th March 2017Technical Officer PostLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-03-18 13:30:13
18th March 2017Hna HnaManagement/ Coaching2017-03-18 10:14:59
17th March 2017CHASE IAS ACADEMYAdmission2017-03-17 10:49:43
16th March 2017Navy CoachingAdmission2017-03-16 12:17:52
16th March 2017Apex Bank Assistant & JMG RecruitmentAdmission2017-03-16 11:39:53
16th March 2017Postponement of Personal InterviewState/ Private Job2017-03-16 10:44:23
13th March 2017H.L. Institute of Hospitality ManagementManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-03-13 11:13:38
11th March 2017Government of Mizoram, Agriculture (R&E) recruitment of senior Scientist, head and Scientist postLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-03-11 11:57:38
10th March 2017Hotel Manager HnaruakManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-03-10 11:41:10
8th March 2017Mizoram University recruitment for Security Officer/Lower Division Clerk/ Library Attendant/ Multi-Tasking StaffLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-03-08 13:15:31
2nd March 2017Spa therapist mamawh aniManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-03-02 13:11:02
28th February 2017Social Media NinjaOnline/Offline Work2017-02-28 11:28:55
28th February 2017Writer wantedOnline/Offline Work2017-02-28 11:07:53
28th February 2017DOMESTIC CRUISE LINE AH HNARUAK A AWM EManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-02-28 00:14:38
25th February 2017AdvertisementLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-25 11:09:27
25th February 2017AdvertisementLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-25 10:24:39
25th February 2017HnaruakLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-25 10:16:56
24th February 2017AdvertisementLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-24 10:42:46
20th February 2017ANTALYA – TURKEY 5 STAR-AH HNAManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-02-20 10:13:31
20th February 2017HnaruakLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-20 09:47:45
18th February 2017Walk in interview for one post of contract staff at Mizoram UniversityLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-18 10:48:34
18th February 2017AdvertisementLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-18 10:47:55
18th February 2017Mizoram University Dept. of Education – Walk in interview for the post of Guest FacultyLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-02-18 10:47:31
17th February 2017THALAI HNATHAWK DUH TANHnathawh Tur, Management/ Coaching2017-02-17 14:21:23
17th February 2017AdvertisementLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-17 11:14:55
17th February 2017AdvertisementLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-17 10:50:44
16th February 2017FOREIGN A HNATHAWH DUH TAN!Management/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-02-16 15:17:02
15th February 2017FEMALE CANDIDATES URGENTLY REQUIREDManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-02-15 15:02:30
15th February 2017Mizoram University Dept. of Biotechnology – Walk in interview for the post of RA and TAState/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-02-15 14:33:12
15th February 2017Mizoram University Walk in interview for the post of contractual Staff & LabourState/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-02-15 14:31:22
14th February 2017Mizoram University Walk in interview for the post of two (02) Guest FacultyState/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-02-14 12:52:02
13th February 2017North East Livelihood Promotion Society for Coordinator Post in AizawlAll India Govt Jobs, Local Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-13 10:49:07
13th February 2017Hotel managementManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-02-13 10:00:10
12th February 2017Business opportunityLocal Jobs, Online/Offline Work2017-02-12 20:21:09
11th February 2017Employment NoticeLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-11 11:00:26
11th February 2017Indian Navy recruitment for SSC Executive Technical Branches Across IndiaPolice / Defence Job, State/ Private Job2017-02-11 10:32:15
8th February 20172 Months Course Hotel ManagementManagement/ Coaching2017-02-08 12:37:42
6th February 2017Department of Higher & Technical Education, MizoramLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-06 12:26:44
6th February 2017BANK PO/ ASSISTANTAdmission, Examwise information, Management/ Coaching2017-02-06 11:26:47
6th February 20172 MONTHS COURSE HOTEL MANAGEMENTAdmission, Management/ Coaching2017-02-06 11:14:49
6th February 2017CMS COACHING ACADEMYManagement/ Coaching2017-02-06 11:08:51
6th February 2017H.L INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENTManagement/ Coaching2017-02-06 10:54:23
5th February 2017Providing Services of Data Entry and Internet workOnline/Offline Work2017-02-05 14:39:03
4th February 2017THALAI TE TAN HNAManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2017-02-04 14:23:32
2nd February 2017Mizoram University Ph.D. Admission for Winter Session 2017Admission2017-02-02 18:50:39
2nd February 2017Hnaruak dilnaLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-02 10:21:38
2nd February 2017Vacancy AnnouncementState/ Private Job2017-02-02 09:45:07
1st February 2017MPSC recruitment for Grade-III of Civil Judge Cadre in MizoramLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-02-01 15:36:44
31st January 2017Graduate mi 20 SIRD Mizoram in a la dawn eLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-01-31 18:31:32
26th January 2017Walk In Interview ScheduleLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-01-26 09:28:39
13th January 2017105 hnaruakLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2017-01-13 11:06:04
9th January 2017MPSC hnuaia High School Teacher (Science & Mathematics) hnaruakState/ Private Job, Teaching Job2017-01-09 22:05:51
22nd December 2016Part Time JobsOnline/Offline Work2016-12-22 17:14:11
22nd December 2016Content writersOnline/Offline Work2016-12-22 13:05:13
22nd December 2016Online jobsOnline/Offline Work2016-12-22 09:21:58
19th December 2016OpportunityOnline/Offline Work2016-12-19 13:30:18
16th December 2016Territory Head – Aizawl, MizoramState/ Private Job2016-12-16 13:06:49
16th December 2016Need freelance writersOnline/Offline Work2016-12-16 12:31:36
14th December 2016Multi-Tasking Staff (Non-Technical) Aizawl – Parsar Bharati RecruitmentState/ Private Job2016-12-14 13:07:59
13th December 2016We are looking for a new Content Manager at Application WriteOnline/Offline Work2016-12-13 12:38:41
12th December 2016Peon MR 2 PostLocal Jobs, State/ Private Job2016-12-12 09:56:08
10th December 2016Looking for FreelancersOnline/Offline Work2016-12-10 22:41:48
9th December 2016Urgent writers neededOnline/Offline Work2016-12-09 16:47:27
9th December 2016Freelance writers wantedOnline/Offline Work2016-12-09 15:27:47
6th December 2016Project finance officer on contract basisState/ Private Job2016-12-06 21:49:55
23rd November 2016Mizoram University jobs for Assistant, Stenographer, Coach, Lower Division Clerk in Aizawl. Last Date to apply: 15 Dec 2016State/ Private Job2016-11-23 13:18:54
23rd November 2016Social Welfare Department hna ruak dil theihState/ Private Job2016-11-23 11:54:02
21st November 2016LDC HnaruakState/ Private Job2016-11-21 10:11:36
19th November 2016North East Livelihood Promotion Society recruitment for Accounts Officer @ 30 November 2016State/ Private Job2016-11-19 00:54:27
12th November 2016Article Writer Needed For Daily ProjectsOnline/Offline Work2016-11-12 10:24:56
12th November 2016Want to earn extra moneyOnline/Offline Work2016-11-12 10:16:07
9th November 2016Technical Assistant/ Accountant cum Marketing OfficerState/ Private Job2016-11-09 12:19:39
9th November 2016Faculty post vacant at NIELITState/ Private Job2016-11-09 11:03:43
7th November 2016Wanted Online Internet Job workersOnline/Offline Work2016-11-07 11:07:42
7th November 2016Freelance fashion bloggerOnline/Offline Work2016-11-07 10:29:19
5th November 2016Part-time freelance editors & proofreaders for articlesOnline/Offline Work2016-11-05 15:10:41
5th November 2016Freelance content writerOnline/Offline Work2016-11-05 15:03:59
5th November 2016Technical Assistant (TA) Department of Physics @ Last date 07th November 2016State/ Private Job2016-11-05 09:46:08
2nd November 2016Online Recharge made easyState/ Private Job2016-11-02 12:00:41
29th October 2016Short Quotation NoticeState/ Private Job2016-10-29 10:03:04
25th October 2016Free 3 months A.M. Hotel Management CourseState/ Private Job2016-10-25 11:30:22
24th October 2016Mizoram Science, Technology and Innovation CouncilState/ Private Job2016-10-24 13:27:30
20th October 2016MPSC Civil Engineering hnaruak. Last date 25.11.2016Engineering Job, State/ Private Job2016-10-20 12:32:57
20th October 2016MPSC District Librarian hnaruak. Last date 25.11.2016State/ Private Job2016-10-20 12:21:12
18th October 2016Hotel management 2 months courseHnathawh Tur, Management/ Coaching2016-10-18 10:26:19
5th October 2016MzSRLM Advertisement. Last date 01.11.2016State/ Private Job2016-10-05 11:55:13
30th September 2016Hotel Management 2 Months CourseManagement/ Coaching, Mizoram pawn2016-09-30 12:20:36
27th September 2016MPSC Health & Family Welfare Department @ Last date 21.10. 2016State/ Private Job2016-09-27 16:00:32
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