Hna Hmuh Ngei I Duh Em? Athlawn ngeiin!


Ministry of Minority Affairs
Government of India.
Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. Of India chuan minority pualin vocational training center athlawnin a hawng dawn a.
Heta zir chhuak te chuan hna tha tak an hmu ngei ang tih kan tiam e.
Heng Trade ahte hian Thla 3-6 chhung Training theih a ni.
* Shirt,Kurta & Safari making
* Food & Beverage Services

Qualification :
From 8th Pass
Age : 18 – 30 Years

Please contact for your Application collect & submit
Contact : 09089455289, 0940239810, 8575900457 (Mizoram)
Anyone interested for trainer, counselor, Assistant Operator Executive, Center Manager & Placement Executive for above Mentioned locations.
Kindly e-mail your resume at
call 09089455289 , 0940239810 , 8575900457

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