Mizoram Sawrkar, Sports & Youth Services Department hnuaiah post ruak a awm e


ADVERTISEMENT No.70 OF 2017 – 2018

Dated Aizawl the 16th January, 2018.

A hnuaia tarlan hna hi Mizoram Sawrkar, Sports & Youth Services Department hnuaiah a ruak a. Mizoram Public Service Commission Office, New Secretariat Complex, Aizawl-ah leh District hrang hranga Deputy Commissioner Office-ah te ni 1.3.2018 thlengin Office kai ni zing dar 10:00 atanga tlai dar 3:00 thleng dilna Application form hi lakchhuah leh thehluh theih a ni. He advertisement kaihhnawiha hriat tul ang chi chu MPSC website
www.mpsc.mizoram.gov.in ah en theih a ni ang.

Hna hming :
A. Coach Grade – I – 1 (pakhat) post
B. Coach Grade – III – 1 (pakhat) post
C. Organizer(Guides) – 1 (pakhat) post
D. Organizer(Scout) – 1 (pakhat) post

Hlawh-bi :
1. Coach Grade-I – PB-2, Rs 9,300 – 34,800+ 4,600 GP
2. Coach Grade-III – PB-2, Rs 9,300 – 34,800+ 4,200 GP
3. Organizer(Guides & Scout) – PB-2, Rs 9,300 – 34,800+ 4,200 GP

Thiamna ngaite :
A. Coach Grade-I :
1) Graduate of a recognized University with Diploma in NIS in any Sports Discipline.
2) Working knowledge of Mizo language of Middle School Standard.
B. Coach Grade-III :
HSLC or equivalent having Diploma from NIS in any Sport Discipline.
C. Organizer (Guides & Scout) :
1) Graduate of a recognized University with Holder of Himalayan Wood Badge Certificate from Bharat Scouts & Guides Organization.
2) Desirable : Holder of Asst. Leader Trainer Certificate & working knowledge of Mizo.
Common for all Posts i.e. Computer Proficiency :
Computer Proficiency as prescribed by the Mizoram Group ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ posts Service/Recruitment(Amendment) Rules, 2016 notified vide No.A.11013/1/2013-P&AR(GSW) dated 29.09.2016 & 16.12.2016.
(Detailed can be seen at MPSC website)

Kum bithliah :
Diltu chu ni 1. 3. 2018-ah kum 18 aia naupang lo leh kum 35 aia upa lo a ni tur a ni. Upper age limit -ah hian SC/ST candidate te chu kum 5 thleng ngaihhnathiam leh theih an ni ang.
Dilna form thehluh rualin a hnuai a tarlante hi thil tel tur a ni.
1. Pawisa pekna receipt/IPO/Treasury challan.
2. Certificate leh Marksheet HSLC chin chunglam (attested photo copy)
3. Tribal/Caste Certificate (SC/ST te tan) (attested photo copy).
4. Computer thiamna Certificate (attested photo copy)

Dilna fee, Application Form man telin Rs 320/- (or  Rs270/- SC/ST te tan) pawisa faia
pein emaw, Secretary, Mizoram Public Service Commission hminga IPO (uncrossed) siamin emaw,
Treasury Challan hmang a Revenue Head- 0051-PSC, 105-State PSC (Examination Fee. etc) or 01-
Mizoram Public Service Commission-ah deposit-in emaw dil tur a ni a.

Sawrkar hnathawk laite chuan proper channel-in an dil tur a ni.

Hna diltute zingah dan kalha tlin tuma mahni emaw, midang emaw hmanga
hmala an awm chuan an dilna hnawl sak an ni ang. Dilna famkim lo chu hnawl a ni bawk ang.

Mizoram Public Service Commission

Memo No.A.12025/1/2018- MPSC                                              :                       Dated Aizawl, the 16th January, 2018

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