Hnathawh tur mamawh te tan

Part time leh full time a thawh theihna Company tha leh rintlak India rama kum 15 chuang lo run tawh hi rawn bel chiang rawh le.
He company thatna em em chu chemical fertilizer in kan ram leilung a tih chhiat mekna lak ata chhan chhuak tura organic fertilizer a rawn chhawp chhuak hi ani.
A product a tha em em a.
He product hmang tu ten result duhthusam an la hmu zel hi kan lawmna a ni.
Heng bak ah hian beauty care te, health care te leh a dangte kan la nei cheu bawk e.
Organic fertilizer tuipui tu leh huan thlai lama tui mi tan chuan belh chian ngei chi a ni e

Agriculture care kan sawi avang hian kan product dang beauty care, health care te hi a chhe chuanglo a, he ti lama tui mi tan chuan aia tha a awm chuanglo.

Engtia thawh tur nge? Eng tin nge hlawh kn neih ang?
Hre chiang duh tan
Contact : 8014649300 ah call emaw whatsapp emw in a zawh theih e

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