Missionary tura kohna

BCM Ramhlun ‘N’.
Aizawl chuan BCM Missionary Support Policy 2013 zul zuiin Arunachal East Field a Memba hnam zingah January 2017 a thawk tan thei turin Non-BCM Missionary pakhat (Contract Basis) in a la dawn a.
Diltu chu Mi Piangthar ngei,  Thiamna lamah HSSLC chunglam, zuk leh hmuam a fihlim a ni tur ani. (Mathematics emaw Science emaw a tuition pe thei tur emaw a pahnih a zirtir kawp thei duh deuh bik ani) Lawmman leh thildang chu Mission Policy Rules hman a ni ang.

Dilna chu Plain paper a ziakin ahnuaia thil thil tel tur a dah te nen kimchang takin Dt. Ni 19. November, 2016 (Last Date) hma ngeiin a hnuaia mi te hnenah hian thawn/thehluh tur a ni.

Thil Tel ngaite
i.Bio-Data (Phone No nen)
ii.Lawina Kohhran Lehkha.
iii. Medical Certificate
iv.Marksheet & Certificate/Testimonial. HSLC onward. (Attested)

Lehkha thawn remchanglo te tan [email protected] ah thil tel tur pawimawh tarlan te nen thawn theih a ni e.

Interview hun chu a hranpa a in hriattir leh tur a ni.

Tualchhung Mission Commitee
Contact : 9612654858


BCM Ramhlun North.
Contact : 9862493109

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