UD & PA Department hnuaiah PMAY-HFA Surveyor turin HSSLC passed, smart phone nei mamawh a ni e


UD & PA Department hnuaiah PMAY-HFA Surveyor(GEO-TAGGING) turin HSSLC passed, smart phone nei mamawh a ni a.
A dil duh chuan office hun chhungin UD&PA Annex(HFA Cell) ah zawhfiah theih a ni.
June 6th -7th 2017 ah walk in interview neih tur a ni.


1. Field data collector tur an ni ang.
2. Beneficiary te in sakna tur hmun/ramah kalin Geo-tagging an ti ang.
3. HSSLC passed, computer hmang thiam leh Smart phone nei an ni tur a ni.

Specification Required for the Smart Phone to be uded in Geo-tagging
1. Android OS (recent versions)
2. 2GB or more RAM.
3. 16GB or more SD card memory
4. Touch screen of 3.5″ size or larger.
5. Camera (minimum specifications of 1.3MP to have a better resolution photos)
6. Internal GPS, GSM SIM (preferably), GPRS/3G/4G, Wifi, Bluetooth, compass.
7. 2500 mAH or better battery capacity.
8. Charging cable, data cable, USB OTG support with OTG cable.
9. 20,000 mAH power bank to facilitate day long usage of mobile device.

Data/Internet Pack : Data/ Internet Pack hi mobile device atanga Bhuvan Server-a data thawn nana a ngai a .
Surveyor tinte hian data/ internet pack hi anmahni an intum tur a ni ang.

SD/- Director
Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation department
Thakthing Veng, Aizawl, Mizoram

Source : Vanglaini

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