First Come First Serve – A hmasa Vannei

Bio Essense Technologies chuan Mizoram District leh khaw hrang hrang ah executive partners tur a mamawh a, products zawrh thiam, network/downline leh sales lama experience nei tan phei chuan thla tin in hamthatna tha tawh tak dawn tur a awm e. Taksa hriselna lam kaihhnawih niin hlawh hi commission basis a thawh chi a ni. Mi taima tan dinchhuah pui na tlak a ni e.

Eligibility : Housewives, students, sumdawng leh hnathawh nei lai tan pawh a dil theih. Join or hrechiang duh tan i hming leh address chhu in rawn sms/whatsapp rawh le.

Sms/ whatsapp (no call) : +917005625820

Bio Essense Technologies,
Above Nimat Institute Bld.
Near Govt. Primary School Dawrpui Vengthar, Aizawl.

Source : Vanglaini

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