Tuikual Rescue Centre chuan a hnuaia mi ang hian rawnbawl tu a mamawh a, 26.01.2020 thleng dilna theh luh theih a ni.

Hna hming :
1) Manager pakhat (mipa)
Lawmman Rs 13,000/- pm.

2) Counsellor pahnih
Lawmman Rs 12,000/- pm.

3) Worker pathum (mipa)
Lawmman Rs 10,000/- pm.

Dilna hi  whatsapp (text message chauh pawh pawn a ni) hmangin thawn tur a ni a, personal details (den qualification, experience member/ thunun lai/ ss zirtirtu etc) ziah lan tur a ni.

Interview ni a ken tur :
1) Dilna (plain paper-a ziak).
2) Document (Certificate, mark sheet).
3) Mahni awmna Kohhran lehkha.

Kum 18 – 60 inkar tan dil theih a ni.
Interview hun : 28.01.2020 (Thawhlehni) dar 1:00pm.
A hmun : Tuikual Presbyterian Kohhran, General Committee Room (Tuikual C Mual).

Secretary, TRC

Contact :  9436140348 , 7630011543

Source : Vanglaini

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