Upper Republic Presbyterian Kohhran Biak In Chowkidar hna a ruak a, 
February 19, 2021 thleng dilna thehluh theih a ni a. 

Diltute hriattur : 
i) Hlawh : Thla khatah : Rs 12,000/-. 
Quarters, tui bill, electric bill leh ei rawngbawlna gas free.  
ii) Dil theih hun : 19.02.2021 thleng. 
iii) Interview : 20th February 2021(Inrinni)  Dar 10:20AM. 
iv) A hmun : Kohhran Committee Room. 
v) Dilna form a hnuaia hming ziak hnenah emaw KOhhran Office -ah emaw lak tur a ni ang. 
vi) Dilnaah Kohhran lehkha thil tel tur a ni ang. 

Sd/- Upa C. Lalmuanthanga 
Upper Republic Kohhran 
Contact : 9436154977 , 9862860267 

Source : Vanglaini

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